Rectangular Ironstone Blue Platter, circa 1850


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A vintage, blue rectangular platter is a captivating blend of classic design and timeless elegance. Here's a detailed description:

Crafted from high-quality ironstone, the platter features a rectangular shape that provides a generous surface for serving and showcasing culinary delights. The base color of the ironstone is a pristine white, providing a clean and timeless backdrop for the iconic Siam pattern, by J. Clementson.

The classic, intricate pattern unfolds across the platter, telling a narrative with its traditional Chinese-inspired scenes. In rich cobalt blue, the intricate design typically includes a graceful bridge, pagodas, weeping willow trees, and figures engaged in a timeless love story. The scenes are meticulously detailed, creating a harmonious composition that captures the eye and invites contemplation.

The edges of the platter are adorned with a delicate border, often featuring additional decorative elements that complement the central design. This border not only frames the captivating transferware scenes but also adds an extra layer of refinement to the overall aesthetic.

The rectangular shape of the platter offers versatility, making it an ideal choice for presenting an array of culinary delights. From serving appetizers and finger foods to showcasing a main course or an assortment of desserts, the platter adapts effortlessly to different dining occasions.

The vintage patina on the platter may include subtle signs of wear or age, further enhancing its nostalgic appeal. The slightly worn edges and variations in the blue glaze add character, telling a story of the platter's journey through time.

Whether displayed on a dining table, hung on a wall as decorative art, or used as a statement piece in a china cabinet, the vintage Blue Willow rectangular platter stands as a timeless symbol of enduring design. It not only serves as a functional vessel for presenting food but also acts as a conversation piece that evokes a sense of tradition and cultural richness.

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Details & Dimensions
  • Materials: Ironstone
  • Finish: Blue/White
  • Overall Dimensions: 13.5"W x 10.5"D x 1.5"H
Shipping Information
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing and 7-14 business days for delivery.For more information see our Shipping + Returns.