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Like your home, but want to really LOVE it?  Want to make memories with your family in the space of your dreams?  Want to have room for all the friends, family and function your are wanting for this space?  No idea how to get started making this room a reality?  


Our three-phase process is customized just for you!

1. Meet and Measure: Let's get to know each other! In our Discovery Call, we will get to meet you and learn more about you, your space and your needs!  You will receive a 'Get Started' packet to help you to measure your space and submit photos of your room to us, so we can get a sense of your space, the architectural elements, the lighting, etc.

2. Floor Plan Creation: Our team takes our decades of experience and puts it to work for YOU!   Based on everything we learned about you in our Discovery Call, we sketch, plot, scheme and  create 3-4 wonderful, fully-developed, two-dimensional floor plans to make the very most job your space. The creation process takes approximately two weeks from the time we receive your 'Get Started' packet information, and then you receive a link to schedule your own, Custom Floor Plan Review Presentation.

3. Floor Plan Presentation:  Time for the Magic!  During this virtual presentation, we will walk you through your custom floor plan options, explaining the logic behind each and every furniture placement decision. You will be amazed at how your space could be transformed!  We take all of your thoughts and feedback from each of the presented options and create your optimal, master, furniture floor plan that is perfect for you!

Based on your feedback and your preferred floor plan, you will receive a keyed, detailed, dimensioned floor plan and final diagram. From this detailed plan, you can shop for and acquire pieces that fit the exact dimensions on your perfect, preferred plan. No guess work. No hoping something fits when it arrives. Just a room that fits you, your home and your needs perfectly. 

Investment: $995.00


Client Testimonial

"I was pleased with the floor plan options - and feel it was definitely worth the effort.  Nicole came up with alternatives that I was unable to visualize or come up with myself - and I was so happy to think through different options.

 The complete floor plan was so helpful!  I especially appreciated having the room dimensions and dimensions for suggested furniture.  This assisted greatly with the shopping and purchasing.  All of this occurred during COVID - so much of my shopping took place online.  Having the dimensions for everything was invaluable.  It still takes 9000 years for the furniture to actually arrive - but that is a separate issue!
Overall, the home visit from Nicole and the floor plan review process was great.  I feel very thankful to have gone through this process.  My living room is so much more usable.  I felt way more confident making my furniture decisions - knowing the attention that Nicole put into the overall design concept.  So lucky to have this great resource in Sun Prairie!" 
Kristina B.
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