Red is the queen of all colors.  It is vibrant and warm and demands your attention in a room.  Here are our favorite tones to pair with red, and a few of our favorite red rooms, as well.  
Red and warm brown are such a chic combination, and a deep brown has enough visual "weight" to balance a bold red hue.
Benjamin Moore AF-120 Tamarind
Benjamin Moore Tamarind AF-120 
When Jonathan Adler pairs brown with his happy chic tones, the result is dynamic and artistic.
Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Shabby Chic 1018
Benjamin Moore Shabby Chic 1018
Martyn Lawrence Bullard is the king of layering spicy colors and neutrals and  into an exotic mix.
Spicy Red Martyn Lawrence Bullard Ryan Fulton
 Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red 1309
Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red 1309
Alessandra Branca layers various shades of red and pink to full effect.  When grounded with black lacquer the balance of masculine and feminine is perfectly struck.
Alessandra Branca Red Living Room
Benjamin Moore White PM-2
Benjamin Moore White PM-2
Mark Sikes liberally balances saturated hues with a healthy dose of fresh white.  
Mark Sikes Red Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Grey Tint 1611
Benjamin Moore Grey Tint 1611 
Sarah Richardson's design style is a lovely mix of vintage and new pieces that gives her rooms instant "soul".  Her mix here of red and gray is smart and inviting.
Sarah Richardson Red Family Room Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Sterling Silver 1461
Benjamin Moore Sterling Silver 1461
Benjamin Moore Romantic Pink 2004-70
Benjamin Moore Romantic Pink 2004-70
Alessandra Branca tucks a gorgeous game table into the corner of this well-appointed living room.  Pink moire-upholstered walls create a gorgeously inviting nook. 
Alessandra Branca Pink Game Room Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Salsa 2009-20
Benjamin Moore Salsa 2009-20
Spicy red lacquer bookcases?  Check!  Patterned upholstery and a bold, wallpapered ceiling?  Check!  This red den has personality and warmth to spare.Red lacquer bookcase Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Mississippi Mud 2114-20
Benjamin Moore Mississippi Mud 2114-20
When paired with red on this stunning railing, it adds just the right contrast

Miles Redd is the king of bold color and grand gestures, so red is the perfect hue to thread through his interiors.  His spaces are so layered, it seems you would see something new each time you were in this cozy room. 

Alessandra Branca Staircase Red Ryan Fulton
Ready to layer red into your home?  Feeling like this warm tone is just the finishing touch for your spaces?  We would love to see your spaces!  Post them here, so we can see how red warms up your style!
February 04, 2021


Patsy Davis said:

Red is my favorite interior decorating color
Sometimes. I change the hue.
But find my self going right back to it.
Thank you for the suggestion of red and brown.

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