With the days getting shorter, are you looking to brighten up your indoor spaces?  A client asked us for just that!   Balancing a rich, yellow hue with a saturated, peacock blue seemed like a great place to start!  


Because family rooms have to work hard and look great, a quality area rug that can hold up is our first priority.  A striated pattern brings variety and color, and acts as a great “jumping off” point for the rest of the space.

The paint palette:  Moody, blue-green walls partner with glossy, fresh white trim and crown molding.  Use a subtle yellow tone on the ceiling for an incredibly custom and personal effect.  All colors by Benjamin Moore.  

Walls:  Baltic Sea (CSP-680) in an Eggshell finish

Trim:  White Dove (OC-17) in a Satin or Semi-Gloss sheen (only use semi gloss if your trim is in really good condition, as the higher sheen will show more imperfections)

Ceiling:  Weston Flax (HC-5) in a Flat finish


When designing a space, we typically start with the largest pieces of furniture.  A sofa in a family room s particularly important for lounging & movie marathons.  This piece is cloaked in an extremely durable, deep, peacock blue chenille.  With a generous  seat-depth, this piece allows the whole family to pile on.

A storage piece to house any technology will anchor the space.  Because the sofa and area rug are darker in tone, the light, distressed finish of this piece brightens up the overall palette.  With a television placed on top and games stashed below, our family room design is coming right along!

In a family room space, an occasional chair is a necessity.  Yes, a necessity.  There needs to be at least one seating element in a space that has a slightly higher seating height, taller arms and a firm, tight back.  When Great-Aunt Hilda comes to visit, she will need a seat that is easy to get in and out of.   Also, occasional chairs double as sculpture in your space.  Because they are smaller in nature, and likely to be viewed from more than one angle in your space, occasional chairs need to be gorgeous from all 360 degrees.  Occasional chairs are a great place to have some fun with texture, finish and detailing.  The elegant legs of this piece, the sunny velvet and the covered-button details make this piece a perfect fit for this new family room.  

 Next, we need a great spot to put our feet or a roomy tray.  In this space, a large, upholstered ottoman will work perfectly.  Our rug has multiple shades of blue in it, and we are going to use that opportunity to bring in a few different blue tones into our design.  This will make your space feel curated, and less like you purchased it all at one time.  It will also give you the opportunity to layer in new fabrics and tones over time, as things wear out or need to be replaced.  The sleek, metallic frame  bounces light into the space.


Now, is time for some drapery!  You can’t exactly watch that epic football game with a glare on the television, now can you?  Window treatments soften and add a nice acoustical layer to any space.  With a simple pleat style and some modern, tailored hardware, draperies make a space feel finished in a way no other element can.  

Lighting truly brings a room to life in those long days of winter.  Glass, ceramic or metallic lamps are always a great solution, as the finish on the body of the lamp bounces light into the space and adds textural interest.



Pillows, artwork and accents are our final layer in the space.  A bold, wood framed mirror adds a great, tactile element.  Pillows in an organic, splashy print bring personality while accessories add function and style to the finished space.  


These are a few ideas of how to brighten up your family room.  How do you like to make your spaces sunnier in those long, winter months?  We'd love to hear all your best tips!  







November 25, 2018

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