Thinking about dipping your toe into the world of wallpaper?  Not sure how to start?  Well, the easy place is with our list of the three, best modern floral wallpapers out there, and why we think they are a perfect way to give you that floral “fix”….


Kabala Wallpaper Nest Interior Design

This impressionistic paper looks like the artist might have just finished, and the paint might still be wet.  Because of that hand-painted energy, if feels loose and free, but clean and modern at the same time.  Kabala would be gorgeous in a master bedroom or bathroom.  With a beautiful range of clear colors, we can't get enough of this impressionistic paper.


Beatrice Wallpaper Nest Interior Design

The Beatrice pattern is “stylized” in the best possible way.  Gorgeous when viewed from a distance and close-up, this pattern would be equally effective in large spaces and small.  For example, Beatrice would be lovely in a dining room because of its generous scale, or in a a powder room where the fine detail could be appreciated more closely.  For an extra surprise layer of color, paint the ceiling in the room the same color as the floral itself.  Instantly, the space will feel bespoke. If you click the Beatrice image, you will be able to see the other, gorgeous color ways.


Papavera Wallpaper Nest Interior Design

Papavera is a floral, within a geometric grid.   So, we get the organic softness of a floral, within the geometric structure of a grid.  This pattern is perfect if you don’t love the blown-out exuberance of  a more traditional floral pattern.   Papavera is great with dark cabinetry, dark hardware and dark plumbing fixtures.  Papavera would be gorgeous in a kitchen with dark cabinetry, light quartz countertops and enameled lighting pendants.

Kabala, Beatrice and Papavera are wonderful papers becasue their color palettes are more limited and the patterns are stylized.  The tension between a traditional form and a more modern palette makes these patterns unique and easy to incorporate in today’s homes.  Florals are just joyful and happy and extremely personal - all the things you want to feel when you walk into your home at the end of the day.  

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August 30, 2020


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