Farmhouse Laundry RoomEvery room we create for our clients increases valuable function AND looks great!   When most people think of remodeling their home, they think of tackling their living room, kitchen or dining room. Sometimes the work-horse spaces in our homes don't get much love, and these spaces impact the efficiency of our daily lives in a very real and tangible way. In this instance, a laundry room!  We spend hours during the week sorting, washing, drying and folding. It should be possible to do that in a space that is not only functional, but beautiful as well.

Recently a client came to us hoping to make that very thing happen. Their space had enough square footage, but nothing still seemed to be working the way it should.  Traffic patterns were compressed, coat and shoe storage was inadequate and everything was strictly utilitarian, and not reflective of the homeowner's personal style.

Below are some of the before and after results of our remodel:

What once was just a functional laundry room, is now a beautiful, organized space with lots of storage and space to fit all their laundry and mudroom needs! Let's take a look at how we progressed from frenetic to fantastic!

 Taking a look from the side, we can see that there is a lot going on here. Between the puffy winter coats and the washer and dryer, there is very little room to open the doors and get laundry done.

Total chaos!  Without an intentional home for the things this busy family needed to store, daily items spilled over and out of existing surfaces.   With some detailed information gathering, Nest was able to determine the scope and depth of this client's storage and aesthetic needs.

We made some serious progress in our laundry room. With a little reworking, we were able to remove the existing closet and open up the space and create a spot for our custom boot lockers.  

This new stainless steel sink is in process here and are perfect for this laundry room because there is a walnut section of the countertop that recesses and covers the sink opening, when it is not in use.  Because the faucet is wall-mounted, the entire countertop then becomes usable folding space or work surface.

Recessed walnut surface

The images for the actual products used are shown below:

In the before and after above, you got a good look at how the flooring, washer/dryer, and cabinetry all tied together the space. Here we have our finished mudroom cubbies, perfect for storing all those puffy coats, shoes and backpacks that were previously ending up on the floor of this space.

The cubbies separate the functionality of the mudroom from the laundry room space, giving our clients more space to wash and dry and two distinct storage zones.

Ticking Stripe Storage Bins

Who can say no to a cute storage bin? These bins rest comfortably on top any shelf and are perfect for storing winter gear, shoes, hats, sunglasses etc. 

Rolling, galvanized storage bins

When you first get home, you probably just want to kick off your shoes and sit down. These rollaway bins are easy to slide out, and are perfect for storing shoes that you wear on a regular basis.

We can't forget about those bags too. This sleek wood paneling is a beautiful place to set down any briefcase, purse, work bag, or diaper bag. Also a perfect place to sit down and put on your shoes on the way out the door.

We wouldn't be able to hang or store anything without these guys. Our mudroom hooks and drawer handles are essential for storage and clearing clutter out of the way.  Every design decision is an opportunity to add style and function!

Thinking about tackling a remodel or just wondering how Nest could make your space work better for you?  Just tap the little birdie below, and connect with our Nest team!


July 21, 2019

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