Happily getting inspired by some great ideas on Pinterest today!  We've compiled our favorite, designer holiday trees to share with you...
This Emerald City-inspired tree was created by Michael Wurm, and we are super-digging his play on color and texture for this modern twist on Christmas!
The towering scale of this beauty was created by Sarah Richardson for her television show, and we love how it is a seamless extension of the decor in the surrounding spaces.  
Created by Eddie Ross, this pint-sized stunner is exquisite in its proportion and precision.  HIs time as a stylist at Martha Stewart is evident in the details of his tree and the room in which he has staged it.  
You can almost hear the roaring fire, can't you?  This Country Living tree exudes cabin charm and coziness.  We love the layers of garland, ornaments and even how the wrapping paper adds to the overall effect.  A healthy dose of white keeps this look from getting too visually "heavy".  
Sophisticated and monochromatic, this tree, created by Randi Garrett, relies on texture and subtle tones to create a modern holiday mix.  The exuberance  and sheer volume of the decorations make this tree a feast for the eyes.  
Now it is your turn to tell us, which one was your favorite? Loving your own tree this year?  We would love to see a photo of what is inspiring YOU this holiday season!  
December 09, 2018

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