Our favorite thing about the holiday (or Fall) season, is having all our friends, and family over. Catching up with old friends, and building new friendships. When this season rolls around, we take a good hard look at the furniture we have. Often times, we know our guests won’t be nearly as comfortable as we want them to. When you’re looking to make your home perfect for entertaining, here are some of our absolute favorites!

The first thing we think of for entertaining, is food, of course! Having a big table, for all your guests, and a big feast, is very important. Put your guests at ease when they are in your home, by selecting a dining room table that has a forgiving finish. Distressed wood, natural stone or finishes that have some color variation will all still look great after 20 years of fun!

Comfortable chairs to go around the dining table are definitely a must. You’ll spend a lot of time, laughing, and sharing stories, maybe even a card game when dinner is done. Great dining chairs make your guests want to sit and stay a while. Select a chair that has a comfortable, generous seat and a supportive back. We love the upholstered look with the solid wood table, to make it timeless, and visually interesting. Not to mention, they’re cushioned, and comfortable.

Your guests may not always be in the dining room. For guests looking to space out, and relax a little more, you’ll need a stunning (but durable) coffee table for drinks, snacks, or after dinner game. Our Don’t Fret Coffee Table, inspired by Indian fretwork screens is a playful piece for your living room.

Speaking of the living room, the most comfortable and relaxing room, a sofa might come in handy! Our Smith Series Apartment Sofa makes a big statement, without taking up a lot of space. A fresh silhouette brings a light, fresh tone to the room.


A loveseat always pairs well with a larger sofa. Our Carson sofa, which comes in a lot of different finishes to best match your decor, will add even more comfortable seating to your room. Everyone can get good and cozy!

For those that like sitting alone, a Channeled Wing Chair is a stunning seat. Dramatic channeling on the back makes a bold statement!

We know everyone may not be able to reach the coffee table. That’s fine, you’ll be prepared with the perfect end tables. Our Tulip Side Table is definitely one of our favorites. It is a modern shape, without being too out of place among vintage and contemporary decor. Great for resting a drink on, indoors, or out!

With all that said, everyone ALWAYS ends up in the kitchen anyway….Sigh...Provide a comfortable perch for your guests to chat with you during dinner prep.

When your guests leave at the end of the night, take note if they have rearranged your furniture a bit, to make conversation or dining more comfortable.  That is a great indicator of adjustments to make in your layout!

Now is the perfect time to shop for your favorite furniture for entertaining. Check out our whole selection of furniture while our Fall Sale is still going on! Sale ends October 16th, so act fast!




October 10, 2017

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