Love the Oscars?  Love the fashion?  Interior design colors and textures often follow in the footsteps of what is seen on the Paris runways, or even the Hollywood red carpet.  Let't take it one step further!  What if we let a red carpet "look" inspire a whole room design?  

Who was your favorite celebrity at this year's Academy Awards?  Jennifer Garner's look was particularly intriguing to me this year.  

She looked relaxed, pulled together and oh, so, lovely!  Sounds like just the adjectives we would use to describe a successful living room design, right?  Let's give it a shot!

Jennifer strikes me as someone who would be a good hostess, so I think she would have plenty of room for friends to spread out.  So perhaps her floor plan would look something like this........

Let's start from the ground up!  A gorgeous, durable floor will be the perfect canvas for everything that layers on it, so let's start with Mannington Black Forest Oak, pre-finished flooring.  Not too brown, not to gray - this flooring has the perfect, casual vibe.  

Our walls would be wrapped in a wallpaper that is tailored and orderly, but still fresh - just like Jennifer!  This Shibori wallpaper brings all those things together in one print.  The paper has so much detail that it almost appears to be soft fabric on the walls.

Now that our floor and walls are taken care of, let's find a place to sit and stay awhile!  

These Lee sofas are generously scaled, at 100" long, with washable slipcovers for comfort and style.  Use a pair for miles of seating, and a bit of symmetry.  

Layer in a put-your-feet-up coffee table ottoman.  Because, let's face it....Jennifer would want you to.  


Then, let's keep things in our floor plan from getting too evenly-matched by throwing in one club chair in a bold blue, for a little asymmetry - just like the stunning, asymmetrical Oscar gown.

Next, let's tuck a game table with some super, stylish and comfortable chairs for casual meals, or marathon Monopoly games into the corner of the room.  The modern, pedestal base of the table allows more chairs (and more friends) to gather around.  

These game chairs are a little bit couture, and a little bit practical with chic, horizontal tufting and easy-to-maintain leather upholstery. 

Next to the game table, I feel like there should be a stylish place nearby to store everything you need for an impromptu party.  Glasses, pitchers, cocktail napkins and a few libations would all fit in this knock-out Palecek cabinet.  Even the Monopoly board, has a home behind the lower, cabinet doors. 

 A couple of extra chairs could be tucked on either side of the bar cabinet with a wall-mounted sconce for extra, perimeter lighting.  Let's layer on some floor lamps, table lamps and a pendant over the game table to bring some sparkle, mood lighting and task lighting to this living room.


On the right side of the fireplace, we could a little storage and display space.  A pair of these side-by-side would balance the visual "weight" of the fireplace.  

Everyone needs to put their drink while lounging on those comfortable sofa, so we have selected a reflective metal, tiered table to repeat the glamorous sheen of the wall sconces.  

Our next-to-last last layer is a console table with blue, glass lamps to complete the look!  The console is feminine and polished, and the lamps keep things from getting too formal, in this laid-back family room!

The final injection of color and pattern comes from patterned pillows and a cozy throw.

Who inspired you with their style at the Oscars this year?  Send us your favorites!  Perhaps we should design a whole room around them, too?!

March 07, 2018

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