So, needless to say, Daintree is a pattern with incredible, graphic appeal!  A favorite in our design studio, it brings incredible color to any space.  

The purple and green color way is offset with a healthy dose of white, and is striking in any room with white trim.  A rich, purple grasscloth adds a luxurious layer. 

Embroidery on linen brings luxurious texture to this exotic pattern.


Blue and green is a perennial, favorite pairing with our design clients.  Something about the colors of green grass and blue sky are easy to live with, year in and year out.  

Whether as wallpaper, drapery or upholstery the Daintree pattern is dramatic on any surface.  

The cobalt and navy version of Daintree is the most traditional offering of this pattern, and it pairs well with antiques in formal spaces. 

Love Daintree, but hesitant on the color saturation?  Opt in to the neutral version that employs warm and cool neutrals to get all the impact without the color commitment.  

Well, that just leaves us wondering where you might use the Daintree pattern?  Love the idea, but not sure where to start?  Nest is always here to help make your spaces everything you would like them to be!


June 16, 2019

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