Pantone Color of the Year

Each December, Pantone releases their Color of the Year for the upcoming calendar year.  Their prediction anticipates what colors will appeal to us in the future, and foreshadows trends in fashion, home decor, and print and digital media.  

Pantone, an American company founded in the 1950s created a color card system that would insure international, consistent color specification for fashion designers, printers, interior designers, advertisers, manufacturers and product designers.  You could simply pull out your Pantone fan deck in Topeka, and specify a color over the phone to a manufacturer in Berlin, and the color would match precisely.  Color magic!

Vintage Pantone Color Deck

In recent years, Pantone has used their years of color savvy to predict colors, as well.  This year, Pantone selected Classic Blue, as the winner for 2020.  

Are you loving the Color of the Year?  Thinking about using it in your home?  There are easy, intermediate and advanced ways to layer this rich color into your space.  

The easiest way to layer on this color is with paint!  We've matched the color to some major paint manufacturer's offerings.  Classic Blue would be sharp, crisp, tailored addition to an entry way, powder room, den or dining room.  

Paint Color Matches for 2020 Color of the Year

Another way to introduce Classic Blue into your spaces is with wallpaper!   A modern, graphic choice is the Axis pattern.   Applied in the back of a bookcase, it would add a colorful texture to a den or family room.

Classic Blue Wallpaper

Adding Classic Blue in a more significant way would be to install glossy, kitchen cabinetry in this sophisticated color!  This option from Starmark is in a Blueberry finish.  The door style featured is a modified, Shaker style door.  

So, ready to dive in to this deep blue?  Let us know what you think of the 2020 Color of the Year!   

 Pantone Color of the Year Nest Interior Design




December 15, 2019


Nancy G said:

LOVE this color! Finally, a color with a bold personality!

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